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Meet our fleet

Say hello to our fully electric, zero-emission vehicles

XEV Yoyo

Spacious and comfortable with plenty of range to explore.

  • 120km per charge, 3.5hr charge time
  • Two passengers sat side by side
  • 2 medium bags, a weekly shop or a set of golf clubs

  • Stereo, Electric windows, Air-conditioning

Citroen Ami

Ready for the open road. The perfect tour-guide.

  • 75km per charge, 3hr charge time
  • Two passengers sat side by side
  • 2 medium bags or space for the weekend food shop
  • Bag hook, Cup holder, USB port

Renault Twizy

Nimble and speedy. Incredibly fun to drive.

  • 75km per charge, 3hr charge time
  • Two passengers sat one infront of the other
  • 2 small bags
  • USB port
  • Green Machines

    Our fleet are fully electric, zero-emmission vehicles which means you can feel even better about getting from A to B and everywhere in-between.
  • We're here for you

    Our friendly, knowledgable staff roam the island, cleaning and redistributing vehicles, which means that help is at hand when needed.
  • No charge to charge

    Charging a vehicle from empty takes about 3 hrs. You can top up at any of our hundreds of stations at no additional cost giving you 75Km of exploration fun!

Peace of mind

When you use the app to book a vehicle "Now", you have 15 minutes to start your trip or it becomes available again for others to rent. If you need more time, simply start your trip and then "pause" to lock it. You will be paying for the time but at least you know it will be waiting for you.

People love using Current

Check out a few of our customer stories

Get out and see Bermuda. Once we sorted the app sign up process, it was flawless.

Mark R.

I was intrigued to see the new Citroën Ami ‘side-by-side’ models and discover the new contactless app, it was a game changer.

Weldon W.

These electric vehicles have opened up a whole new demographic for visitors who don’t feel comfortable driving a moped.

Joe Burke