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How it works

A little bit of information to put your mind at ease

In a nutshell

Electric vehicles to rent, whenever you want for as long as you like using an app.

The app makes renting both flexible and convenient, giving you the option to pick up a vehicle 'Now' or schedule one for 'Later'.
  • Download the app and register an account using your driver's license and credit card. Our staff will then need to approve the information before you hit the road.
  • Once approved use the app to find the most convenient vehicle to rent. Choose between models, and check its location and battery range before booking.
  • The key is fixed into your vehicle but will only "turn-on" once you have clicked 'start trip' on the app. 'Pause' any time you want to lock your car, or 'end trip' when you are finished with it.

Watch our video on getting started


Now or Later? That is the question.

Booking 'Now' is for when you need wheels right away and is the more flexible option, although subject to availability. Booking 'Later' secures a vehicle for a future date, but requires a set return time and location.
  • Are there any legal requirements?

    You must be 21 years old or over, hold a valid driver's license for a car, a bank account and a smartphone to start or end your trip.
  • How will I know what I’m doing?

    We provide contactless vehicle tutorials and one of our staff will come to you before your first trip to give you an in-person tutorial.
  • How do I switch for another vehicle?

    If your battery runs low 'end your trip' and search for a vehicle with a full battery and start a new trip. The same applies if you want to try out a different model of vehicle.
  • How do I lock my vehicle when not in use.

    If you "pause" your trip you will still be in possession of the vehicle but it will be locked, preventing others from accessing it. Hit "resume trip" to unlock it again.
  • Do I need cell service or data?

    To start and end your trip you will need connectivity, (hotel wifi works well) once your trip has started you will connect to the vehicles bluetooth allowing you to lock and unlock even without a connection.
  • Can someone else use my account?

    No, whichever account holder has booked the vehicle will also need to be the one driving the vehicle. If you want to change drivers, they will also need to register their own account and make a booking.

Pro tip

Particularly during summer, our vehicles are in hot demand. Ending your trip may save you some money, but will also make that vehicle available again to others. If you think you may need it later, simply "pause" your trip.

On the road

Safety is the name of the game!

  • Our chargepoints are represented by blue charging icons on the app. Tap and open an icon to get more information about that location, including directions.
  • The QR code inside your vehicle will take you to a contactless tutorial, this is a 3 min long video that covers everything you need to know about your Twizy and driving in Bermuda.
  • Everytime you start a new trip you will receive an audible reminder, through the speakers, of the most important things to remember on the road.
  • What are the rules around parking on the island?

    Our vehicles use regular car parking bays. Hamilton is the only area of the island where you need to pay to park. You can find more information here on rules and rates.
  • Are there additional costs to charge my current vehicle?

    We offer an optional collission damage waiver at $5 per trip. There are no additional costs but please note that the account holder is responsible for any additional parking or traffic fines that they may incur during their trip.
  • Can I return to a different location?

    If you book 'Now' as opposed to scheduling a vehicle for 'Later', you will be able to drop at any one of our Homezones around the island. If you schedule a vehicle then it will need to be returned to the location it was picked up from.