Partner Up!

Employment Opportunities - Do you love tourism and have a passion for technology and green solutions? If so, we have the trifector for you!Current Vehicles are an electric car rental in Bermuda. We are committed to employing enthusiastic Bermudians with a passion for 'touristech' (tourism + technology). As, we know technology has changed the way our guests travel, what is on offer and the importance of technology to them. 

While exploring the beauty of Bermuda we want our guests to travel in the most safest and greenest way as possible. We are the carriers of the Renault twizy car in Bermuda, it is the only car we carry because of it’s incredible features, it’s electric and it produces ZERO gas emissions.

To gain a job with us you must love travel and technology while also enjoy explaining all of the benefits of the Renault electric car to our wonderful guests. 

We always place passenger safety first the Twizy comes equipped with a

driver's airbag, seat belts for the both driver and passenger, side impact protection and it is easy to handle. It has a centrally located steering wheel, foot pedals for accelerating and braking. The Twizy is just like your car at home but more fun and easy to handle. It is definitely a must on you your list if you are a techtourist or would like to see Bermuda in the best way possible. 

The Renault Electric car offers great mileage for a compact vehicle it has a range of 55+ miles per charge to give you an idea Bermuda is 22 miles end to end. It is perfect for the narrow roads around Bermuda, it has two driver seats and is approximately four feet wide. 

You will enjoy being moved by current in theTwizy. #movedbycurrent

Electricity is included in the price and you can charge at your hotel or at"Oasis Points" around the island.


We aim to make our guests stay as easy as possible that means offering more charging facilities. Giving our guests as many options as possible and making their holiday stress free is our aim! 

We are currently looking to grow our charging infrastructure. This is the perfect opportunity to partner up with Current Vehicles if you own or operate a hotel and would like to home the Twizy we would like to speak with you! Likewise if you are the owner of a guest house, or vacation property and have a great location we would welcome a conversation!

As many of our guests set out with our electric car in the mornings to catch the sites restaurants are also ideal locations for charging stations while they stop for a bite. After lunch moving onwards to the many enticing tourist attractions around Bermuda.

We not only believe that electric cars are the future but that the Renault ‘twizy’ electric car is the now. It is without a doubt that electric cars will take over from traditional vehicles with an internal combustion engine. 

If you would like to work with the Twizy car in Bermuda please send us your CV and a cover letter hightlighting your suitability for the job or upload your CV here. You can also follow this page for updates.

 If you have a great venue and/or location to house a charging station and would like to speak about an installation on your premises, please complete this form.

We aim to get back to you within 24 hours, and you can always email us on our contact details below.