The Renault Twizy - Fun, Safety and Comfort

There are many important factors involved in choosing a car when on vacation. Especially when you are away from your home environment and your usual vehicles/s. When looking for where to rent a car in Bermuda look no further than Current Vehicles which are the top provider on the island and leading the electric car revolution on the island. When looking for a seater electric car to stock we decided the Twizy had everything to offer our clients and more.

Safety is a huge factor for us and we are sure for you too. Like you , we have asked ourselves the question are electric cars safer than normal cars? They are safe, and are definitely the cars of the future. Some reasons are because they are powered by batteries instead of gasoline which is flammable, electric vehicles have a much lower risk of fire than their gas counterparts. The lithium-ion batteries the kind used in electric vehicles can alight, but there's a very, very low risk of this happening when compared to gas vehicles. Furthermore, EV’s are subject to exactly the same safety tests as combustible vehicles.

According to Volvo safety expert Thomas Broberg, "We may well see further down the line that cars powered solely by electricity can be made even safer than cars with combustion engines.”

The benefits don’t stop there according to the Electric Vehicle Benefits and Considerations. Both Hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles like the Twizy can help increase energy security, improve fuel economy, lower fuel costs, and reduce emissions. They are quiet and unobtrusive vehicles to drive. Perfect for cruising along the coast and being as close to and a part of nature as possible.According to Forbes EVs are responsible for considerably lower emissions over their lifetime than vehicles running on fossil fuels, regardless of the source that generates the electricity.

If you still need a few more reasons to love the Twizy here goes:

You also will not have the expense of topping up costly gas while you are on holidays - electricity is free when hiring the Twizy with CV.

We have cleaner air with the Twizy ! Since electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions, we can look forward to cleaner air in the future when there are more electric cars on the road.

Move locally and top up during the day if needed. It’s likely that even touring Bermuda from end to end during the day you may need to charge the Twizy only once. There are plenty of charging spots throughout the island where Twizy can gently doze and recharge while you grab a bite, tour or a swim.

Comfort, safety and driving enjoyment combined!

What else is there to know about Renault twizy safety.

In a nutshell:

The Twizy:

What makes the Renault Twizy (Twin + Easy) the best rental vehicle for Bermuda?

Safety First:

  • Equipped with driver's airbag

  • Seatbelts for both driver and passenger

  • Side impact protection

Easy Handling:

  • centrally located steering wheel

  • Foot pedals for accelerating and braking

  • Drives like your car at home, but more fun!!

Be My Wingman:

  • Two cockpit-style seats & the possibility of seating a child in the back

  • Less than four feet wide - ideal for Bermuda's narrow roads

  • Produces zero emissions

Lasts All Day:

  • Range of 55+ miles per charge (Bermuda is 22 miles end to end)

  • Charge at your hotel or "Oasis Points" around the island

  • Electricity is included in your rental price


When booking your Bermuda car rental please contact us ahead of time, so you can enjoy your Twizy while holidaying in Bermuda.