Here you can find a list electric car charging stations around Bermuda. We offer a vast network of stations and are continually looking to expand.

We have partnered with some exceptional hotels in strategic locations around the island. These premises have installed facilities to charge your Twizy while you recharge yourself! Facilities can be found at the following properties:

  • The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

  • The Fairmont Southampton

  • The Rosewood

  • The Coral Beach Club

  • The Royal Palms

  • Rosemont Guest Suites

  • Pompano Beach Club

  • Inverurie Executive Suites

  • The Mid Ocean Club

  • The Loren at Pink Beach

These electric car charging stations are available for the guests of the listed properties only so they can enjoy the convenience of onsite charging stations. The facilities are available on a first come, first served basis.

We have installed additional charging points for the Renault electric car Twizy at numerous vacation rental properties across the island. These stations are available to all of our guests so they can recharge at their convenience after a busy day of exploring all of the gifts Bermuda has to offer.

When booking your accommodation and your Twizy, please check with your rental property host to see if they have already installed this great amenity. Otherwise, please see the map below for those closest to your place of stay.

The map below has all of the (ever expanding)! network of our publicly available charge points across the island. These are represented by pink pins on the map below. If you are booking several months ahead as many guests do in high season, a search for electric car charging stations near me will bring results!

If you are a hotel owner or own and operate your own guest house, consider installing the electric car charging stations on site for your guests. You can be assured that their stay will be more enjoyable and stress-free with the Renault electric car charging station Twizy in place. With it, your guests will be able to stop at your venue, enjoy a beverage or a meal and watch the famous Bermuda sunset while the electric car charges. They won’t have to go searching elsewhere for options and will be more likely to return and refer friends to a venue that offers complete amenities.

According to the Holiday Hypermarket 2018 report, 62% of British holidaymakers still prefer a beach holiday. Good news for Bermuda! However, they cited convenience as a part of their essential criteria while on holidays. This is supported by the Economic Times (India) who state that the ‘globetrotting Indian tourist instead of being price driven, their preferred holiday revolves around a mix of convenience, quality and the expected experience’.

The Twizy is obviously a great reason for guests to stop at your business or attraction. They can stop and rest or soak in the sun and sights while recharging!