Where to rent an electric car when in Bermuda and the best places to charge your EV

From the French Riviera to Bermuda, vacationers are maximising their experience and hiring the Twizy when taking a break. The Twizy is the leading Renault electric car, it gains the most enquiries and is a real pleasure to drive. So when looking to lease for a day or for the duration of your stay, contact us at Current Vehicles for electric car rental, Bermuda. We love Bermuda and the environment that’s why we are leaders in implementing the use of eco friendly vehicles - like the Twizy!

What does it feel like to drive the Twizy car in Bermuda? Like the ultimate vacation experience really, freedom, fun and sights while being able to rest assured that you are driving a zero emissions vehicle.

Parking is a breeze and the Twizy is the best car to wrestle out of a traffic jam. Quite simply it is the easiest Bermuda car rental for green tourists and fun seekers. The Twizy car is perfect for Bermuda’s sub tropical weather and it has the features of a regular windscreen to demist, a roof for sun protection and it is windowless so you can enjoy the experience like you would on a motorbike or scooter.

Drive to the beach without having to negotiate crowds, traffic or finding a seat on the bus. The Twizy is a two seater, and has the option of seating a small child in the back.

What is it like to charge? Well, electricity is free when you lease the Twizy with Current Vehicles. It has a range of 55+ miles per charge. So you can easily go from one end of the island to the other. Bermuda is 22 miles end to end. You can check if your hotel has a charging facility or at one of our numerous "Oasis Points" around the island.

You literally just plug it in!

Twiggy has a point of difference compared to the other models in the Renault Z.E. Range. With Twizy charging it is too easy, you simply open the front flap, pull out the cable and plug it into any domestic (230V) socket. Twizy comes fitted with a lithium-ion battery, offering high performance. Twiggy comes with an integrated 3 metre cable for a 3 pin domestic socket. The battery is recyclable too.

If you are like us and have a passion for 'touristech' (tourism + technology).

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