Reviews of the Renault Twizy Safety, Purpose and Fun - Bermuda

‘I hope it takes off, because I'd love to see a street lined with charging, sleeping, Twizys’.

There is so much to enjoy when navigating around the island of Bermuda, breathing in history and breathtaking sites. Bermuda’s narrow streets are best traveled in a seater electric car - The Twizy.

Where to rent a car in Bermuda? Your one-stop shop is Current Vehicles (CV), a modern Bermudan based electric car rental company geared for the 21st century. If you are looking for a Bermuda Car Rental close to your holiday residence, we have numerous charging stations throughout the island at hotels and sites.

CV was founded on the premise that transportation shouldn’t just be about getting from A to B, but an enjoyable experience in its own right--exhilarating at times even! We know choosing the perfect vehicle makes all the difference. This is why we choose the Renault Twizy as our vehicle of choice and Bermuda’s ultimate rental vehicle.

“The Twizy isn’t the only electric car that I’ve enjoyed driving, but it’s the only one I could imagine owning. Just for the fun of it” (TopGear).

What do you need to know about the Twizy? Well, your parking stresses are over. It is neat and compact and easy to park.

Let’s us explain to you why we love it so much: to start we know Renault Twizy safety is paramount.

  • You have control, due to it’s moderate speed you will see any potential obstacles ahead of time

  • Lower congestion on the roads

  • Renault wants the Twizy to take over urban centres, this makes sense as it is an easy alternative to a ‘traditional‘ car.

  • It's narrow, so you can fit two side by side on busy city roads and travel with ease in narrow streets and laneways, and effectively double the number of people using the roads.

  • It has been crash tested by Euro NCAP, and performed best out of the four quadricyles tested.

  • There’s an airbag and two seat belts – which is more than you get on a motorbike. Safer and a natural progression for those who usually select a motorcycle or scooter while on holidays.

  • With a 50mph maximum speed, the Twizy should give its driver plenty of time to recognise potential hazards, too

  • Car like features such as the high rear brake light, proper wing mirrors and even a hands-free Bluetooth phone kit all help on safety front,

  • an airbag as standard – the only quadricycle to feature one

  • According to Renault the Twizy receives four times more interest than it’s other conventional EV’s.

In a nutshell the Twizy is part-car, part-scooter, and entirely zero emissions (at the tailpipe), it’s exactly the kind of car that, future gazers claim, will populate our cities big and small in years to come.

This corresponds with our mission and promise to you at Current Vehicles, Our mission is to provide you with the safest, greenest and most unique way to explore Bermuda, all at a great price!

Want Twizy’s specs: Top speed: 50mph; 0-62mph: na; Range: 60 miles; CO2: 0g/km (tailpipe); Kerb weight: 450kg; Engine: electric motor; Power: 20bhp; Torque: 42lb ft; Gearbox: none