The Twizy - Fun and a pleasure to drive

Curious about the Twizy and the fun and features it has to offer and looking for a Renault Twizy hire while enjoying your holiday in Bermuda?

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Now, on to the Renault Twizy specs. The Twizy a concept vehicle and definitely a car of the future made her debut in 2009 at the popular Frankfurt Motor show. In 2011 Renault announced they would welcome reservations for the Twizy. Years on, Renault now have the largest range of electric cars in Europe part of Renault's Zero Emissions program!

Made in Spain, not only is it a super safe, zero emissions electric car but despite its light frame and body it offers occupants extra protection with its deformable structure, while the outboard position of the four wheels and the lateral beams located either side of the chassis provide protection in case of a side impact.

So if you tend to err on the side of caution, and have had your experience on motorbikes on holidays, the Twizy will have all of the safety retention systems you require including: a driver's airbag, a four-point safety belt at the front and a three-point one at the rear.

Such a compact vehicle popularly titled ‘ a great urban runabout’ in just about every review is perfect for Bermuda’s narrow lanes and for the busy vacationers.

What is it like to drive? Well, here is a Renault Twizy review

Our friends at Top Gear say it zips up to 30mph with ‘alacrity, easily quick enough to keep up with traffic — and just about narrow enough to mimic a motorbike’ and ‘you will love the feeling of being in it’.

Is it fun? Well, yes. Colin Goodwill from Autocar UK thinks so ‘The Twizy isn’t the only electric car that I’ve enjoyed driving, but it’s the only one I could imagine owning. Just for the fun of it’.

If you have enjoyed hiring scooters on your holidays than the Twizy experience will be suitable for you, and safer because it offers a lot more stability, safety and accommodation than a scooter. Or if you are an all around electric car enthusiast!

A popular vehicle Twizy is not without fans, you may have seen already in music video by Usher or French DJ David Guetta! Here is a quick checklist on why it is the best rental vehicle for Bermuda?

Renault Twizy (Twin + Easy)

Safety First:

  • Equipped with driver's airbag

  • Seatbelts for both driver and passenger

  • Side impact protection

Easy Handling:

  • Centrally-located steering wheel

  • Foot pedals for accelerating and braking

  • Drives like your car at home, but more fun!!

  • Be My Wingman:

  • Two cockpit-style seats will have you feeling like Mav & Goose

  • Less than four feet wide — ideal for Bermuda's narrow roads

It's Electric (Boogie Woogie Woogie):

  • Produces zero emissions

Lasts All Day:

  • Range of 55+ miles per charge (Bermuda is 22 miles end to end)

  • Charge at your hotel or "Oasis Points" around the island

  • Electricity is included in your rental price