The Twizy Car. A Fun Way to Get Around in Bermuda

If you are conversant with Bermuda’s transport regulations, you may be aware that car rental is prohibited on the Island. Up until 2017, you could only use a taxi, bus, ferry or hire a scooter to get around the Island if you were not a resident. This is because visitors to the Island are not allowed to drive four-wheel vehicles, and driving licenses can only be issued to the residents. However, you can now get around the island using the Renault Twizy car, thanks to a law passed in 2017 allowing the hiring of minicars.

Your Ideal Transport Option

Travelling should be fun and memorable, and what better way to achieve that than renting a Renault Twizy car. This four-wheeled electric minicar accommodates two people. For a great performance, this eye-catching quadricycle reaches full charge in just three hours. One full charge can run for up to 80 kilometres making it the perfect option for adventure. There are charging points all over the island, and what’s more, they are free. So, what makes the Renault Twizy Bermuda’s most popular minicar?

1. Safety

The Twizy car provides a safer option if you don’t fancy using a scooter. It comes with seatbelts for passengers, airbag for the driver and protection from side impact. Unlike a scooter, it has a roof to shield you from adverse weather conditions. The four wheels give it stability allowing you to can get to your destination much safely.

2. Easy to Use

Driving a Twizy car is no more different than driving a car, only more fun. The dashboard shows you your driving range and the steering wheel is located at the centre. It also has pedal brakes as well as accelerators for easy control. Scissor doors give the Renault Twizy a touch of class and ease the process of finding a parking spot.

3.Easy Navigation

The small size of the Twizy car makes it ideal for Bermuda’s narrow and winding roads. The island’s infrastructure is not suitable for driving cars, more reason to utilise Bermuda’s Twizy rental services. The Twizy gives you a chance to access places you would miss out on if you hired a taxi or used a bus.

You don’t have to worry about keeping up with traffic on the road when using the Twizy car. The maximum speed limit in Bermuda is 35kph, and the Renault Twizy can reach a speed of up to 50kph.


Car rental is prohibited as a safety measure against pollution in Bermuda. Petroleum fuels are expensive and do nothing for the environment. The Twizy car is kind to the environment as it uses electricity and produces zero emissions. You only need to recharge your car at no extra costs during your journey. If you are looking for an environmentally sustainable option, the Twizy car is what you need.

If you are wondering how you can get one of these fun minicars, worry no more. You only need to fulfil the minimum requirements, and the Twizy is yours for the taking. The law requires visitors to have a valid driving license from their home countries and be at least 25 years of age in order to rent any of the minicars. If you intend to co-drive with your partner, it is important that both of you satisfy the requirements above to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

Where to Rent a Twizy in Bermuda

Bermuda Twizy rental services are available in most of the hotels around the island. These hotels partner with car rental companies to supply their guests with minicars for a private exploration of the island. Most of these hotels also have charging facilities where you can recharge your hired Twizy car. The Twizy cars are available on daily rates and the longer the duration for hire, the lower you pay.

You can also book your minicar directly from the rental companies without going through middle-men. Current Vehicles, for example, will help you pick up your minicar and even assist you on charging points When you rent a Twizy car for more than a day, you can keep it with you for the entire duration you hired it for. Just make sure to return it on time to avoid incurring hefty penalties.

You don’t have to worry about the expensive taxis or the inconvenient scooters. The Twizy car offers you a chance to enjoy an exciting travelling experience in your exploration of the beautiful Bermuda Island.