The Twizy Experience - Like No Other

Well, to start with it isn’t officially a car but a quadricycle, as defined by its limited size, weight and top speed. The Renault electric car Twizy is a great option if you usually hire a scooter or motorbike when vacationing. And more, it is the perfect selection for Bermuda’s hot and humid climate. The Twizy is doorless, and built for action and fun. Two people can travel comfortably, through narrow streets and urban areas safely while protected from the sun and remain close enough to the action.

You are looking at 2-3.5 hours to charge and a range up to 62 miles on a charge in the Twizy. We have many options for you to recharge dispersed across the island. Check our pinned Google map below and search for electric car charging stations near me, it is always best to check with your accomodation provider if they have a station on site or the location of the closest station.

Is it a green vehicle?

Yes, it is not just a fashionable urban runabout but has been adopted by many international cities, including fashion capital Florence, Italy.

Councillors from Florence say:

‘We have to lead the way. Promoting electro mobility helps respect the environment, reduce acoustic pollution, and contributes to preserving our cultural heritage, damaged everyday by car exhaust gases’.

Electronic vehicles are the way of the future, and the Twizy is a popular entry point. Unsurprisingly, many countries the world over from China to Canada are introducing the Twizy to their streets and communities.

After some successful years introducing the Twizy in Florence, we have this testimony the, “Massive introduction of electric vehicles, under support from relevant government authorities, can improve urban air quality and bring pollution levels down below the thresholds set by European standards. With 20% of vehicles using electric power, particulate concentration in the city air could be reduced by up to 30%, and NO2 concentration by 45%.”

These advantages in favour of cost, environment and lifestyle are worthy of our consideration. Next time you think of hiring your usual vehicle when on holidays — opt for a Twizy. You won’t be disappointed!

Looking for electric car charging stations? Check out our exhaustive and ever growing list below


We have partnered with some great hotels around the island and have installed dedicated charging facilities at the following properties:

  • The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

  • The Fairmont Southampton

  • The Rosewood

  • The Coral Beach Club

  • The Royal Palms

  • Rosemont Guest Suites

  • Pompano Beach Club

  • Inverurie Executive Suites

  • The Mid Ocean Club

  • The Loren at Pink Beach

These charging facilities are for guests of these properties only and are available on a first come first served basis.

We have also installed charge points at lots of vacation rental properties across the island so that you can conveniently charge at the end of a busy day exploring. Please check with your rental property host to see if they have already installed this great amenity.

We have an ever expanding network of publicly available charge points island wide (represented by pink pins below).

Charge points are a great amenity for your guests if you own or operate a vacation rental property. They are also another great reason for our guests to stop at your business if you have private parking available at your restaurant or attraction. If you want to be added to the network please enquire at