Enjoy the Most Convenient and Safest Mode of Transport in Bermuda

Stretching just 22 miles, the beautiful island of Bermuda is easy and safe to transverse. Driving in Bermuda is further simplified by the excellent condition of the roads both within and outside the major towns. Drivers are required to observe low-speed limits of between 20 to 30 mph because of the high bicycle and pedestrian traffic on the roads. The law prohibits visitors from driving large vehicles and only locals are issued with driver’s licenses.

The Bermudan authorities had banned car rental services until recently. With the lifting of the ban, came the introduction of electric tiny cars such as the Renault Twizy car. Twizy is an electric mini-car, accommodating two passengers at a time. The Renault tiny car provides a captivating and a unique way of driving in Bermuda. You may ask what makes the Twizy the most popular means of transport in Bermuda. Well, the fact that it prioritizes safety and combines it with convenience makes the driving experience fun.

Twizy is Fun Way To Get Around The Island

Among the major attributes of the Twizy is that it is fun and easy to drive. It has a centrally placed steering wheel and a dashboard with a location map. It also has an accelerator and braking foot pedals that make its navigation smooth. Its Scissor doors give it a stylish look, yet allowing convenience when parking the Renault tiny car. In addition, it is fitted with USB and Bluetooth connection to its sound system, thus the users can enjoy holiday music as they explore the island.

Unmatched Safety

The quadricycle has prioritized the safety of its users. Unlike the scooters, it has four wheels making it more stable on the road. It is fitted with side impact shields and a roof that offers shade when driving. It is also equipped with airbag for the driver and seat belts for the passengers to protect them from an impact in the event of a collision. In addition, it has a mandatory insurance cover that covers both users of the car.

Environmental Friendly

With petroleum cars being among the largest contributors to environmental pollution, an electric car is a more viable and welcome option. The Renault Tiny car is electrically charged and hence does not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere.


In addition to being a safer and eco-friendly vehicle, the Twizy is convenient for vacationers who want to explore the Bermudan Island. It is approximately four feet wide, making it a favorite choice while driving in Bermudan narrow roads. This makes it ideal for accessing areas that are not served by public transport.

What's more, its battery is long lasting and can go for more than 50 miles. There are several charging spots around the island offering free charging for the Twizy. You can take a walk as the car is charging or enjoy a drink at the hotel with charging spots. With a maximum speed of 50 mph, the Twizy complies perfectly with the low-speed limits set for road users.

Where to Rent the Car

Current Vehicles offers direct rental services for the Renault tiny car. The company has partnered with various hotels, guest houses, restaurants and vacation properties allowing visitors to rent the Renault tiny car at these locations.

In a bid to expand their charging infrastructure, the company provides charging points at these premises. This ensures that you get an exciting and satisfying experience with the car. The company has convenient pickup locations in Hamilton, Southampton among other areas to give you a seamless experience.

What Are the Requirements for Hiring the Car?

Getting the car is easy as the requirements are not stringent. Legally, visitors are required to be at least 25 years old and have a valid driver’s license. If you have a co-driver they also need to satisfy the aforementioned requirements to avoid confrontation with the law.

The Twizy is available for hire on daily rates. The rates are inclusive of electricity cost and mandatory insurance. However, for visitors looking to hire the car for several days or weeks, electric car rental companies such as Current Vehicles have favorable pricing packages, meaning that you get to pay lower for staying with the car longer.

The Renault Twizy car guarantees the most memorable, exhilarating and adventurous experience for holiday goers in the Bermudan island. Forget the worries that come with hiring scooters and taxis and enjoy the tiny car experience.