The Freedom of Travel around Bermuda (With a Rental Car like a Twizy)

Just like our island, the Twizy is small and fun. When visiting Bermuda, you can rent a Twizy and drive yourself around. When you hire a Twizy, you can set your own agenda, free from timetables of public transport.  Rental cars are prohibited in Bermuda except for scooters, motorbikes and the Twizy. There are many advantages to renting a Twizy, but first, you may ask, “What is a Twizy?”
What is a Twizy?
A Twizy is a funky and cute beast of a machine. It only can seat two people, hence its name: Twi (Twin) + Zy (easy). You and your passenger (it alone sits two) will be occupying one behind the other. The Twizy is exceptionally compact which makes parking and maneuvering in traffic so quickly.  It is designed and produced by the well-known car manufacturer with a top reputation, Renault so you know it is high-quality craftsmanship and engineering. 


It doesn’t take long to learn to drive this. It is automatic, can’t go too fast. You can think of it as being as easy to operate as a scooter, without having to balance as it has four wheels, not two. 
Environmentally friendly
The Twizy is a fully electric vehicle. One charge lasts 100 km, and the island is only 35 km long. So it is easy to see that you can do a lot of sightseeing on one charge. At the end of the day, you can recharge at your hotel, or at a range of charging spots across the island. There are no fuel costs as the electricity is included in the rental fee.

Safety first
In Bermuda, we are famous for taking it easy. We want you to relax during your stay. You have peace of mind knowing that although this little vehicle is compact, it still has vital safety features such as driver’s airbags, seatbelts, and side impact precision. You don’t need to worry about anything.

The pace of driving, like life in general in Bermuda, is slow. The road laws prohibit anyone driving more than 35km/hour. You don’t have to worry that cars will be speeding past you. Everyone drives slowly in Bermuda so you can relax, enjoy your holiday and safely enjoy the sights from the practical and comfortable cockpit of your Twizy. 

Fun holiday driving experience
If you are over 18 and hold an international drivers license, you can drive a Twizy. But remember, stay on the left-hand side of the road!

Best of all the Twizy makes you feel like you are on holidays! Because it is easy to drive, you just need to accelerate, brake and steer - and you can only operate at a slow pace, you can experience the fun of being out on the road in another country, stopping along the way at the sights that interest you. You are free to travel anywhere, and the small size is perfect for navigating the narrow winding roads.

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