Hidden and Best Caves for your journey with a rental

Although Bermuda is famous for its pirate history and fantastic rum and party life on the beach, there are over 150 limestone cave systems to explore. Renting a Twizy to get around is the perfect way to explore these fantastic sights without needing the expense of a guide. Make sure you wear appropriate shoes and bring some fresh water and bathing costumes.

Before you head out on any of your expeditions, let someone know your planned destination and check with local tourism offices that the caves we have listed will be open for your exploration, as sometimes things will be closed for research or other purposes. Beware that some of the caves are subject to tidal fluctuations.

Read on to find some of the most breathtakingly amazing places that are off the radar as well as the iconic places that are ‘must sees’ when in Bermuda.

Get your Twizy, a GPS and go

Crystal and Fantasy caves in Hamilton Parish at the north end of the island. They are Bermuda’s top tourist destinations so it will be easy to find. You can see the entrance at 8 Crystal Caves Road. These twin caves were one of the first caves to be discovered and open for tourists. A cricketing day in 1907 turned into an adventure when a brother chased a rogue cricket ball and felt a mysterious warm air shaft coming from underground.

Before long a wondrous limestone cave was opened to the public, with the famous author Mark Twain being its first tourist in 1908. He commented on the “brilliant lake of clear water under our feet and all the roof overhead splendid with shining stalactites.” Crystal cave is famous for its bright and clear blue water. When you look up, it will seem as though you are in a grand ballroom with crystal adorned chandeliers hanging from its massive ceiling.

Within the Grotto Bay Resort in Hamilton, you will also have access to Prospero’s Cave (also known as Island Cave). Their amazing stalagmites and stalactites are a backdrop for a nightclub, surrounding a deep blue lake. Opposite the resort, you will find many dry caves to explore in the 12 acres known as Blue Hole Park (aka Tom Moore’s Jungle) in the Walsingham Nature Reserve.

Now not too far away (nothing is!) is Green Bay Caves. This is different as it is a submerged network of tunnels entirely. You will have to park your Twizy and either catch a boat to the middle of Harrington Sound and get your dive gear sorted. It would be best for you and your friend to hire two separate Twizys if you need to transport a lot of diving gear. Due to the underwater stalactites and stalagmites, it is clear evidence that at one time this deeply submerged grotto was above ground.

Spend some time before going to Bermuda and research online for the best places for cave enthusiasts, underwater or not. You will have the freedom to roam with your rental electric vehicle, the Twizy. It will indeed be a holiday to remember.