Why rent a Twizy in Bermuda

The Twizy electric vehicle has been available for hire on Bermuda since 2017, and it has proven to be very popular. The car has been designed by iconic French motor company Renault and has been available in Europe since 2012. It is really coming into its own as a tourist vehicle in Bermuda. If you’re contemplating a visit to Bermuda, you must rent a Twizy to get around. But why?

Four reasons why Twizy and Bermuda are a perfect alliance

  • What, No rental cars permitted? Firstly, there is a practical reason why you should rent a Twizy. You are not allowed to rent a car in Bermuda. It is against the law for car rental companies to operate due to high levels of congestion on Bermuda’s roads. While citizens may be allowed to own a motor car, the cost of gasoline at over $8 a gallon is quite off-putting to many

  • Scooters are dangerous, Who Knew? Think about it - it is a serious downer on holiday to have to either be injured or have to pay hefty bills for damage while you’re supposed to be having fun. While young people will probably not be deterred, the Twizy provides a safer and drier alternative, as it has a roof and four wheels for stability. If you can drive a car, you can drive a Twizy. Leave the scooter alone!

  • Narrow winding roads. While Bermuda is a beautiful and compact island, the streets and infrastructure are not suited to driving cars. To visit many of the great tourist attractions we have, you will discover that there are many narrow and winding roads. This makes the compact Twizy perfect for safely navigating and getting around. Finding parking is much more comfortable with such a small chassis. You will also love the small turning circle if you end up on a dead-end street. One of the reasons that tourists are not allowed to rent cars is that the traffic of existing cars, taxis and scooters makes it very congested. Having a Twizy frees you to get out of traffic jams a lot faster.

  • Environmentally friendly. While petrol is extremely expensive, the Twizy is a fully rechargeable electric car. For people who like to know that their choices are sustainable, the Twizy is a no-brainer. Even better is that the charging costs are already included in your rental fees. When fully charged, the Twizy lithium-ion battery holds a charge that will last you about 55 miles. As Bermuda is 22 miles long, that is enough to get you out and back. There are charging stations around the island which is a great way to recharge your Twizy battery while you take in local sights and recharge your own.

If you are planning a vacation in Bermuda, you really need to get on board these funky and safe little beasts to help you get around to the wonders of the island with ease and without pollution. Contact us for further information and our friendly consultants will assist you.