Giving back to the community of Bermuda

Travelling is fun and considered as the best way of learning. We travel for different kind of reasons, and we do it in our own ways. Majority travel to explore, go for a quick holiday, have a great adventure, and we can't forget the unique experience of finding those undiscovered beautiful place to dine — while others find themselves.

Regardless of how we travel, we all fall into the same idea why we do it — to see and experience new, different things and we often think about our target destination to be unique. But we should remember that the destination is not the only thing that makes your travel memorable but your whole journey and how will you feel when you leave.

So our advice is, while you at your destination (perhaps Bermuda), make the most out of it. Do everything you dream to do in that place and most importantly, do something that will ultimately help its local as part of giving back so you would have something unique to carry way back to your home not only those memories of famous places you’ve been but those memories that you’ve done to its local.

Wondering how you can help give back to locals while exploring your dream destination? 
You can consider the following items below:

1. Stay and eat local foods
Make sure to spend your money in a way that it remains in the local community. Look for hotels and restaurants that are locally owned and choose to stay and dine there.  This will give you more opportunity to meet the locals and more likely you will have the chance to taste their fresh and authentic meals.

2. Distribute your money to locals
Visit a variety of restaurants and shops so that you will have a chance to scatter your money. Don’t spend it in one place so that many locals will get the benefits from you patronizing their business products. One of the best thing that you can do for example is to eat in different restaurants. Buy food that can only be tried in that place and introduce it with your friends at home so it will reach a wider area of awareness. Like the well renowned

3. Pick up local souvenirs and handicraft directly from artists
So one of the best thing that you can do is to directly hit an artist’ market or artisan cooperative because it is where you can find those items instantly from craftspeople and explore the local stores, & or check out the local farmers market

4. Support social enterprise
Support organizations that aim to hone community development, social impact as well as the human and environmental well being. Social enterprises provide financial support to community organizations, and they give the opportunity to travelers to meet the local people and learn their issues when it comes to socio-economic. They are also well known for producing quality products and services, so it is worth giving them a shot.

5. Seek for local tour guides
Meet and better understand how locals live in the community by getting a local tour guide that gives the percentage to the local or best if they go directly to the city. one of the best tour guides of the historic town of St George 

6. Help in promoting tourism
People when they are in Bermuda, want to jump in the Twizy  —  Bermuda’s ultimate rental vehicle. Being able to experience the Twizy will have the opportunity to promote it. One great way is by taking a photo of you with the car then post it to your Instagram and Facebook. Sharing the most unforgettable moment you had in Bermuda with the help of the Twizy vehicle and avoid the challenges of hiring a scooter.  Don't forget to tag us #movedbycurrent

twizy renault - current vehicles.JPG

Just like Current Vehicles did. They participated in an event with Dellwood Middle School where they were able to help its students to bring out of their hidden talents when it comes to art. The students were given the opportunity to design CV’s 3 vehicles to showcase Bermudian creativity locally as well as in the social media world.

Learn more here:

7. Provide job opportunities
If you are coming to Bermuda for business, or spend your holiday here whatever your reason is, you are directly supporting job growth and the economy that’s the direct contribution you can make to a destination 

So, having these experiences when leaving the place will not only satisfy you as a traveler, but it will also give you unforgettable memories to keep when you get the chance to know more about the local community and the new things that you get to discover while pampering yourself.