How do I charge my renault electric car ‘Twizy’ when vacationing

The good news is, you don’t have to worry! We have many charging stations through out the island and our search is ongoing to provide the utmost convenience for our guests. You can see our updated list at the base of this article. So the search for electric car charging stations near me will not cut into your valuable vacation time.

One of the many benefits of ‘The Twizy’ outside the fact that it is a zero emissions vehicle, safe and fun to drive is that it is simple and quick to recharge it’s batteries.

Twizy is one of the Renault electric cars with the most range. It is fitted with a lithium-ion battery, enhancing its already great performance and which can also be recycled at the end of its life.

Some of the additional benefits when looking to charge are:

It’s simple and intuitive. With Twizy you just open the front flap, pull out the cable and plug it into any of the sockets available at the electric car charging stations. Twizy will instantly recognise this process and commence charging straight away. Renault say to leave two hours to charge the Twizy and in our experience we tend to agree! This is enough time to stop for a leisurely lunch, relax with friends, take in a few sites or rest up in your hotel after a busy morning before taking off again!

The advantages other than being fully charged in two hours, is that this is something you can do while being on the road! Renault’s official figures suggest it should be possible to drive up to 62 miles on a charge in the Twizy. This is at a larger distance than most people would choose to travel on a scooter and much safer too! We have found the Twizy is a natural progression for scooter users, who like to move freely within narrow streets and use low impact transport.

The world is your oyster-with a charging station near you and your Renault Twizy!

Check our charging network below and the map with the pink pins will help you find the location that suits you best.


We have partnered with some great hotels around the island and have installed dedicated charging facilities at the following properties:

  • The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

  • The Fairmont Southampton

  • The Rosewood

  • The Coral Beach Club

  • The Royal Palms

  • Rosemont Guest Suites

  • Pompano Beach Club

  • Inverurie Executive Suites

  • The Mid Ocean Club

  • The Loren at Pink Beach

These charging facilities are for guests of these properties only and are available on a first come first served basis. We have also installed charge points at lots of vacation rental properties across the island so that you can conveniently charge at the end of a busy day exploring. Please check with your rental property host to see if they have already installed this great amenity.

A note to owners: Charge points are a great amenity for your guests if you own or operate a vacation rental property. They are also another great reason for our guests to stop at your business if you have private parking available at your restaurant or attraction and are considering hosting the Twizy please enquire at