Does the Future for tourism lie in Twizy Car?

Tourists often have to suffer high transport taxi charges when they are out for touring their dream destination. With many usually on a budget, they are forced just to spend a few days or worse still, view very few stops to cut on costs. While car hire ensures that costs are considerably lower, most have to drop and walk long distances as there are some places that roads may be narrow and won’t be useful. To curb this and reduce carbon emissions Introduced in the market is the Renault twizy hire, which seems like a perfect fit.

What is it?

The Renault electric car is what can be considered a quadricycle, as it’s a car that functions more like a motorcycle. Only 2.3 meters long, its wideness spans 1.4meters, making passengers sit in line with one in front of the other. While making tourist stops around with the car rental Bermuda service, the charge goes for up to 45 miles without needing a recharge. The best part is that after site seeing and refreshing up, a change in the Renault twizy hire is done on request.

Easy to use

Spotting a conventional steering wheel, it also has two pedals. One works as the accelerator and the other as the brakes. Its dashboard has only three buttons. You only need to push the one labelled D to start it, a handbrake and an off button to switch it off. Driving this car is also an impeccable experience, as its narrow tires make it easy to manoeuvre on tight roads.

Unmatched experience

A vacation to a new destination means enjoying everything there is to be enjoyed. In this case, getting a Renault twizy hire will ensure this is achieved. With the option of having to pick one fitted with doors, you will most likely not need to go for windows to experience the weather first hand. In addition, an anti-alarm system is installed to warn you of any criminal activities, providing a measure of safety and offering you peace of mind when you set on foot.

Simple and functional interior

A closer look at the Renault twizy car, you can expect to see a simple dashboard just below the steering spotting the speedometer. An additional feature showing the remaining range you can travel is also available. The last item which comes in handy is the motor calculator, which shows just how much the motor is working. Since the purpose is to drive and experience firsthand weather, the Renault has rubber-like features to ensure that materials remain in good condition every single time. Soft, comfortable plastic is also a common feature in the Renault cars offering comfort and a measure of security for your personal items. To play music, there is a Bluetooth system that allows you to download and play songs, within its speakers if you so wish. To receive and make calls, the same bluetooth system can be paired with your phone.

Enough space

The Renault electric car offers pretty decent space for comfort for its passengers. This is unlike most cars where one has to worry about leg and headroom. The pedal area is also accommodating with one wearing up to size eight shoe size pedalling without struggling. In the event that you need extra luggage space, twizy car rental Bermuda can easily change the rear seat with a liter boot of up to 180 liters ensuring one can carry up to 75kg. Under storage space of up to 31 kg is available for all parties, which is usually sufficient for small trips.


The Renault twizy hire is a comparatively easy pay for all tourists. This is because it does not need additional running costs like fuel. Still, the most areas not requiring full parking charges as a normal car would make it budget friendly.


The Renault electric car is standard in every way a motorcycle is but an additional safety is its airbags. This ensures that even you are unfamiliar with the bends and turns and get involved in a minor accident, you are still protected. Still, with no carbon emissions experienced since it’s an electric car, there is no one time you will find yourself chocking in smoke as one can when driving a diesel and petrol engine car.

With all the benefits of the Renault twizy electric car, the reality is that it’s not perfect. With no windows, one can expect a little rain to shower on them. So is it the way of future tourism? With its fair amount of advantages, it might be a reasonable one.