How To Choose The Best Bermuda Car Rental

If you're planning a trip to Bermuda, chances are you've looked for a Bermuda car rental place to provide you with a vehicle for while you're there. It's a standard part of planning pretty much every vacation. Flights booked? Check. Got a place to stay? Check. Figured out some things to see? Check. Now, how will you get around while you're there?

The History of Cars in Bermuda

If you were travelling to Bermuda a few years ago and were hoping to find a Bermuda car rental place when you landed, you would have been in for a bit of a shock. There weren't any! In fact, there were no cars at all on the island until 1946. And now, with well over 600,000 annual visitors (in addition to the 65,000 people who live there) on an island that's only 20 square miles (53 square kilometers) you can imagine that if everyone was driving, the traffic would be chaos. The calm serenity of the tropical Carribbean climate wouldn't stand up to the transportation nightmare. Gridlock traffic doesn't make for a very pleasant vacation.

Now You Can Rent A Car

Many people don't realize that renting a car in Bermuda was not possible for such a long time. In the beginning they banned cars altogether. But for a while now the locals have been free to drive (on the left-hand side of the road, by the way).

Until recently a tourist could not rent a car. This presented a problem for many visitors who needed their own means of getting around the island while they stayed there on vacation. It wasn't until 2017 that the Ministry of Tourism and Transport passed a regulation that allowed tourists to rent tiny battery-powered minicars which are fully electric. Once it passed, these vehicles became available. As long as you're 25 and have a valid driver's license from your own country, you could rent one. These cars are pretty small, and only seat two. But they're open-air vehicles so you do make the most of your time experiencing the beautiful weather.

Take Control of Your Trip

With the availability of these new vehicles, if you're heading to Bermuda and looking to take control of your trip while you're there, there's a Bermuda car rental option close by for you. It is a little unconventional but don't let the battery-powered minicars scare you away.

There are charging stations all over the island. When you have autonomy on your vacation, there's a greater chance you'll be able to do all the things you want to do. How do you find the best option for you? Sure, there are other transport options like buses and taxis. You plan beforehand how you want your vacation to go. If you want to stick to your own schedule without having to wait for buses and taxis, it's worth trying out the rental cars. Plus, you'll there's a good chance you'll have a lot of fun driving them!

When you're on vacation, your transport shouldn't only be about getting from point A to point B. You're there to relax and enjoy yourself. Now you can do it on your own terms and have some fun as you do. These mini vehicles are safe to drive, too, with great handling and a variety of safety features. You won't be going very fast either, as the speed limits in Bermuda top out at 23 miles per hour (35 kilometers per hour).

How to Find A Car

If you're wondering how to find a great Bermuda car rental company, there are a few ways to do it. As with most countries, you can look them up online or wait until you're there. You may be staying at a hotel that rents them out, but if not, you don't need to stay there to rent them.

If these vehicles don't capture your imagination, you can always rent a scooter, take a taxi, or use the public transportation. But half the fun of vacation is trying new things.

Returning To Bermuda

If you've been to Bermuda before there were Bermuda car rental options, there's a lot more open to you now. As a tourist a few years ago, you'd have to take a taxi whenever you wanted to go somewhere.

All those taxi rides to breakfast, lunch, dinner, shopping, and nightlife would add up. There's a lot more freedom available to you now. Especially if you're not planning to stay at a hotel. Now you can now take yourself wherever you need to go.

So Much More

Now that the ban on Bermuda car rentals is over, it's a good time to head there. It's good to try something different. You're there to have fun. The slogan for the country is "Bermuda—so much more." Now that's even more true!