Hello, Bermuda! - welcoming little electric cars to the little island

Or, as you must say in Bermuda, “Good Morning,” or “Good Afternoon”.

Bermuda is a unique island with colourful people, buildings, beaches and turquoise waters- there is nowhere like it on earth.

We began our journey 5 years ago when we saw this beautiful island with so much potential but also saw what it was missing:  transportation options for our thousands of tourists that arrive by plane and boat every year.  This is where the idea for Current Vehicles was born. Until now, tourist transportation has been limited to taxis, buses, rental scooters and, of course, their 2 feet!  These are great options but compared to other world-class destinations around the world we were lacking options.  For instance, no rental cars have ever been available to tourists, until now!  If you wanted some independence to explore, often a scooter was the only option.  For those who have not been here- the roads here are twisty, narrow and sometimes treacherous for newcomers and we have joked that our tag line should be, “Nothing ruins a holiday like road rash!”  We have endeavoured to source and provide our visitors with a safe, convenient, and green way to explore Bermuda.

We are proud to finally realize our dream and have been renting mini electric 2-seater cars to tourists- launching last week at the Hamilton Princess Hotel and Resort- finally!!

Reactions since launching our unique mini electric cars have been overwhelmingly positive and we’ve been seeing lots of smiles and waves from locals and visitors alike. The rental cars are small and eye-catching with hot-pink logos and accents all around. We look forward to expanding our fleet and providing safe, fun experiences for many more visitors to come!

Please book your own Twizy at: http://www.currentvehicles.com

Beautiful  Hamilton Princess Hotel  - our first location in Bermuda!

Beautiful Hamilton Princess Hotel - our first location in Bermuda!