Why the Renault Twizy?

We first saw the French-made Renault Twizy on the island of Mallorca about 5 years ago when were on holiday and thinking up ideas for Current Vehicles.  We knew we needed something compact, green, safe, electric and fun!  Due to Bermuda’s small, curving roads and small size (35 km from end to end!)  This little electric dynamo would be perfect!  With a range of 60-80 km and a special system that is able to re-capture electricity and re-use it, it seemed a perfect fit.  

Its mini size also seemed custom-designed for Bermuda’s narrow roads and small parking bays- with one driver and a seat behind him for a passenger, the Twizy only runs about 7.5 feet long and 4 feet wide.  So, not quite as small as a motorbike but definitely smaller than most cars on these roads.  However, now the driver and passenger are protected by the body of the car, seat belts and airbag technology. Tourists looking to rent a form of transportation now have a safe little car they can entrust with their holiday fun!  

We also have a vision of the majority of vehicles in Bermuda moving towards electric energy.  Besides the pollution that gas-powered engines produce, the cost of petrol in Bermuda is prohibitively high.  Thus, we thought we could spearhead a movement on the island to move towards a greener and less expensive mode of transport. 

Thus, the movement towards bringing the Twizy to Bermuda as a safe, green, easy option was born!!